“The Art of Information Management for Project Managers”


With the ever-increasing speed and quantity of information project managers must process, mastering the art of information management is the key to a successful project. This seminar will examine modern tools and techniques for managing, tracking, analyzing and controlling project information more effectively and in less time.


Architects are in the information business but few architectural firms have modern information management systems in place. Although using computers, most firms manage their projects using techniques transferred from the paper world and fail to take full advantage of technologies currently available. Architects must begin to think “data” not “documents”. They cannot manage projects effectively with what amount to electronic versions of folders and files. They must abandon the paper metaphor in favor of a more sophisticated and comprehensive approach to information management.

Spreadsheets and word processing documents are standard project management fare but do little to assist the project manager in actually tracking and analyzing the information. Tools built on easy-to-use database software can effectively tackle the problem but few firms know how to utilize the technology effectively.

This presentation is a blend of project management, information management and computer technology concepts. It will examine an architect-designed information management system built on cross-platform, multi-user, web-capable, relational, database management technology. The participants will receive real-world techniques and methodology on how to change their current way of thinking and construct their own information management system thereby making them more effective project managers.


Learning Objectives

Participants will understand how to overcome real and imagined obstacles to effective project information management.

Participants will learn various methods for filtering, classifying, storing and retrieving project information more quickly and effectively.

Participants will be able to use knowledge gained to implement a more comprehensive information management strategy in their practice.


Seminar FR50, Friday May 9, 2003, 4 - 5:30PM,
AIA 2001 National Convention, San Diego, CA.


Barry Isakson, AIA, President, Architectronica


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